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Inflatable  Domes and Tents naturally draw a crowd towards them

Looking for Innovative advertising ideas? Trade shows, fairs, auto shows, promotional campaign, sporting events, automobile dealerships etc all can benefit from the phenomenal creative advertising potential of inflatable tents. You will draw crowds from far and wide as these inflatable tents are gigantic, unique and colorful. The fusion of these three features always attracts the attention of people passing by.

Usage of an inflatable tent as a registration counter for marathons and races or have participants gather after the event for the much-needed shade and a cool drink. For giving away the promotional freebies or other creative advertising merchandise. Meet and greet the celebrities, inflatable tents are accurate to gain required attention and increase footfall.

Extremely portable, Lighter in Weight and ease of assembly mean Inflatable domes and tents are a Snap to Use

Inflatable tents provide some tremendous benefits as they are highly portable, light-weight and are just plug-and-play to use. Swift and straightforward inflation, deflation, packing and shipping provide you with the liberty to carry these domes anyplace throughout your promotional campaign. Compared to the traditional tents, Inflatable domes which are air-filled makes setup and breakdown times considerably low. You can be up and running almost instantaneously.

Inflatable Tents and Domes offer 360 Degrees of branding Visibility

If you are at the center of a crowd, having a circular branding area will be the most sensible factor. The target audience will have a clear view of your logo branding and message. All these are an integral part of the promotional advertising process that assists in building brand recognition and reinforce high remind & recall value for your product or service.

Inflatable Tents provides Ample space to brand it with your logo, idiom or alternative Message
Branding will be visible from all directions, regardless of where it is located in the venue. Inflatable tents provide you up to 6 times more branding space compared to an ordinary standard sign and the benefits of having an attention-grabbing dome.