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Product replica:-

Product replica inflatable propels your brand to really stand out at the event venue to ensure optimum Impact on the target audience. The product which you need in an inflatable can be a can, bottle, box package or any other customized shape, We can replicate it for you. We can manufacture a cold-air inflatable product replica starting to the dimensions required by the client (starting from 8’ to any size). Inflatable product replica can just be about anything from a regular FMCG product, footwear, motorcycle, automobile, a machine tool, the list of possibilities are endless.

Whether your prospective clients are strolling through an exhibition hall or driving past your store, larger than life inflatable products always do all the talking. Custom inflatable product replicas in addition to creating buzz at events also assist in gathering the media attention and coverage, reinforce product recognition, at trade shows and exhibitions. Inflatable product replicas are designed to offer creative ways to use your promotional inflatables that will reinforce your corporate brand identity.

Creating enough curiosity to grab the attention instantaneously and unusually large enough to entice people from distances far away, giant inflatable replicas can influence their fascination at:

Product launches

Corporate events

Expos & trade shows

Sponsored events

Press conferences

Grand openings

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Promotional inflatable products are purely custom made to your exact specifications. With only top-of-the-line raw materials and quality process, Adwise Balloons produces exceptional inflatable products that will enhance your brand presence and goes far beyond your expectations.

The ability to follow complex designs in accordance to the brand guidelines along with standardized Pantone color matching system, each and every detail can be translated from the original concept into your new inflatable product replica.

Key Features:-

  • Very high remind and recall value
  • Inflatables offers maximum flexibility in terms of the location for display. Indoors @ malls, retail stores, expos. Outdoors @ stores, malls, traffic signals, strategic vantage points such as parks where the footfall is high.
  • The only advertising media, which is capable of providing interactive and entertainment value.
  • One of the most effective advertising medium to communicate product attributes such as shape, packing etc
  • One of the most cost effective medium of advertising as they are portable, can be reused multiple times.
  • These are pretty quick and easy to inflate, deflate.
  • Easy to maintain and store as the space consumed is very minimal.