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Inflatable Mascot costume

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Inflatable Mascot costume

Air circulated inflatable costumes are also part of interactive inflatables. Do you have a mascot or a character associated with your brand? We can convert it into an inflatable costume, which can become an integral part of your brand or promotional campaign.

Whenever people come across these inflatable costumes, they smile, laugh, talk about it and serves as a photo-op as well. Your prospective customers or target audience can associate these wonderful moments with your brand, product or service and will remember them. In addition, anyone who have such experiences, can’t stop themselves talking about it with colleagues and friends which aid your campaign. When the photo-op selfies are liked and shared on various social media platform, the reach of your promotional campaign is manifold.

These Inflatable costumes offer great flexibility in terms of design, can be customized in various shapes according to the requirement and needs of the customers. They can be a specific character, mascot, logo etc. An inflatable costume in the form of a product replica is also a possibility. Inflatable costumes can be created to a height of 7 to 8 feet tall.

Apart from the brand mascots, the most popular cartoon characters can also be replicated in an inflatable costume which can be used at various birthday parties for fun and entertainment.

As these inflatable costumes are easily worn by personnel, mobility and interactivity are inherent. The eye-catching design possibilities clubbed with its ability to enhance GRP, represent products/ mascots/logos and their attributes as per clients visualization make them extremely effective medium to deliver the desired message to target audience.

These costumes are light in weight and run on a small battery operated fan system that is strapped to the back of the promoter inside. The air-blower system which constantly circulates air inside the inflatable costume keeps the promoter inside much cooler compared to the conventional costumes. As these are light in weight, they are not a burden to wear.

These are normally used at shopping malls, birthday parties, festivals, trade shows, events, promotional events, product launches, brand re-positioning etc.