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Providing children with amusement which is active and fascinating is crucial for having a memorable birthday party. Our experienced design team meticulously creates bouncy castles that are charming, vivid and sturdy, which will have everybody at the party bouncing in no time. We have created bouncy castles which are a full of fun, colorful and fascinating that feature basic jump or hop, slides, combos, ball pool, obstacle courses, game arenas etc.

Rather than just having a basic bouncy to bounce on, a combo bouncy can be designed and manufactured that blend basic bounce castles with slides. Various other combinations of basic bouncy along with obstacle courses and sports challenges are also possible to have a versatile bouncy which keeps children of all age groups as well as adults engaged and amused for hours. Completely customizable to various themes, sizes, shapes and color options, these bouncy castles are ideal for birthday parties, carnivals, trade shows and corporate outings. These are an excellent promotional tool to draw in crowds and have them entertained. These combo-bouncy also provides kids with an excellent aerobic exercise that is abundantly healthier than sitting around and watching TV or playing video games.

These inflatable slides area unit ideal for party rental firms, amusement parks, and various businesses that focus on providing children and adults, the time of their lives. Sliding bouncies has various options such as waterslides, dry slides, slip and slides, and many more. Our bouncy slides are the best in the market in terms of quality and design.

Another unique way of having fun and excitement by an inflatable would be with Interactive Inflatable game arenas. These inflatables provide you with double advantages of having them custom designed with your company logo or slogan and also ensures your target customers or clients spend more time at your event venue where you can drive your intended message. Competitive games such as inflatable boxing ring, sumo wrestling, Velcro wall etc are also a part of interactive inflatables.

Inflatable obstacle course are ideal for birthday parties, corporate team building activities, and carnivals. These obstacle courses have a wide variety of obstacle games which are fun and challenging, perfect for kids and adults of all age groups. In contrast to regular bounce castles, these obstacle courses are designed with a clear competitive objective that makes it ideal for competition, team building exercise which adds fun, excitement, entertainment among participants and spectators. The colorful obstacle courses may race two to three individuals at a time through tunnels, up rock climb walls, and over other barriers.