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Fur Mascot Costumes

Marketing with a Mascot

A mascot might just be one of the best investment you could make for your product, brand or corporate image.

Mascots build team spirit and cooperation in the community. Case studies have shown repeatedly that mascots enhance your brand image and are very effective in building customer’s loyalty and recognition. A good mascot costume will enhance the visibility of a product, brand or a company and creates a meaningful experience.

Mascots create goodwill for your organization.

A well-designed mascot will eventually come to be your well known and instantly recognizable brand image. Mascots can interact with the public in real life, real time and create an emotional connection with your target audience. Most of us would probably won’t remember the message you posted through social media last week, but will definitely remember the time your mascot danced with their child or had a photo-op (and their child couldn’t stop talking about that it for weeks afterward)

Mascots are much more than a mere costume.

A mascot becomes the brand ambassador for your company. This character can become a part of an integrated marketing plan across various mediums, or on its own, to help create a unique identity for your product brand or company.

Mascots are most memorable.

We are become desensitized to advertising messages as they are bombarded through so many different mediums. Given a choice, we often tend to just skip the advertisement. Using more tangible methods of advertising (such as a mascot) will make you stand out.  A huge three dimensional, hugging, the high-fiving mascot will definitely add a new dimension to an already established promotional campaign and also enhance the reach of it.

Finally! Your vision has come to life, You have your mascot! … now, what’s next?

With a little clever thought behind your promotion to ensure that your mascot costume has strong ties in accordance to your brand identity and your marketing campaign, your mascot quickly communicated the intended message and generate a lot of attention from both the adoring public and media journalists looking for a good interest story. Creating a campaign with a brand mascot will assist in having your promotional on track! It isn’t enough to just bring your mascot costume to a couple of events, and hope for a turnaround.

Come up with a mascot program.

The more you put into your mascot, the more you will get out of it! A detailed plan should outline your character’s personality, your target market, your intended message and the basic how, why and when your mascot costume need to be used. This would be a work in progress, as you may want to change the message to be communicated over time.

Make your mascot a unique celebrity.

Use your character to gain maximum awareness for your product, brand or organization. By sponsoring your mascot up for charity events, walkathons,  street appearances and photo opportunities in the media, a mascot can truly become the most popular brand ambassador.

Personalize social media for your mascot.

By creating a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account, your mascot provides with even more opportunities to interact with the public. Having these accounts for your mascot character will help to build and maintain a fan base for your character!

Promotional Fur Costumes are a fun way to provide entertainment at birthday parties/events or promote your brands/products. They can be the replica of your most popular character, company logo, mascot or product itself.

All out costumes are customized as per the client’s requirement. The shell of the head would be fabricated using fiberglass. A thin layer of foam would provide a smoother surface, finally will be finished with synthetic fur cloth. The eye and the mouth part would be screened for visibility and are hand painted. A thin layer of foam is used in between the fur-cloth and the cotton cloth to provide stiffness to the body of the costume. The foot spats are made with thick sole at the feet for durability and can be worn on your socks.